What is Psychotherapy Therapy?

Psychotherapy provides a comfortable space where thoughts and feelings can be shared openly between the individual and the psychologist. It helps a person understand their illness and teaches people strategies and tools to deal with stress as well as unhealthy thoughts and behaviors. Psychotherapy helps patients manage their symptoms better and function at their best in everyday life.

How do you I know that I need Psychotherapy Therapy for my Child?

If your child or teen exhibits symptoms related to anxiety, depression, and/or perseverative behavior (doing or saying the same things over and over again) then this approach may be beneficial.  Also, if you or members of your family are experiencing distressful symptoms that has become difficult to manage, then it is helpful to have a psychologist to meet with to address those symptoms that may be negatively impacting your life.

Does my BCBA work with a clinical psychologist in developing my child’s plan?

A licensed psychologist oversees your child’s behavior program. Our licensed psychologists consult with your BCBA to ensure that your child is receiving the best and most well rounded treatment program.

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