Social Group Therapy

Social Group Therapy

What is Social Group Therapy?

Social Group Therapy focuses on helping your children learn how to play and appropriately communicate with their peers and adults. Since autism is a social disorder, we have designed group sessions to help your children overcome the challenges that they face in school, in the community and in home.

How does Social Group Therapy work?

Your child will be assessed on their current social skill level. We then place your child with peers on his or her level. We develop an individualized plan to help your child learn social skills used during play and group activities. Each child will be assigned a highly trained therapist that will implement the individualized plan.

Why is it effective?

Your child will begin to use the social skills they have learned in the group therapy sessions in other places. Our team of professionals use effective interventions that are proven to generalize to other areas of your child’s life.

Where does Social Group Therapy happen?

The social groups take place once a week in one of our clinics. Our clinics offers a safe environment where your child will be free and open to be themselves as they develop new social skills.

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