ATS Directors

Dr. Siva Korukonda M.D. BCBA-D

Dr. Korukonda holds a medical degree from the medical University of Pecs and is a doctorate level Behavior Analyst. Dr. Korukonda has over 10 years of experience in the field of Autism Spectrum Disorder education and Applied Behavior Analysis. His areas of expertise include Verbal Behavior, deceleration of severe challenging behaviors, and skill building. Dr. Korukonda served as the program manager for the Living Exceptionally Adult Program sponsored by the Autism Project of Palm Beach before joining Autism Therapeutic Services.

Dr. Jessica Barry, Psy.D., LP, BCBA

Dr. Barry earned her Bachelor’s degree from St. John’s University and her Master’s and Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from Argosy University in 2010. Dr. Barry is an in-network (TRICARE) Licensed Psychologist, specializing in child and family therapy services for emotional problems, behavior problems and psychological issues. Dr. Barry’s professional experience encompasses positions such as Psychometrician, Neuropsychological Assessment Examiner, and Relief Counselor. Dr. Barry has taught classes regarding Cognitive Assessment and also Cognitive Behavioral Theory and Therapy. Dr. Barry has had extensive experience in behavior assessment testing procedures to include the ADOS-2 and Vineland. Dr. Barry has had specialized training as a neuropsychologist as well, providing neuropsychological testing for children suffering from debilitating ailments such as Autism Spectrum Disorders, ADHD, mental disorders and intellectual disability, signs of brain trauma and injury, epilepsy, stroke, in-utero exposure to drugs and alcohol, physical abuse and neglect.

Dr. Jennifer Thorne, Ph.D., BCBA-D

Dr. Jennifer Thorne completed her Master’s degree in Developmental Disabilities at Kean University and Doctorate degree in Special Education Administration at Capella University. For 10 years Dr. Thorne was a Program Director at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine where she worked with young adults with disabilities. Dr. Thorne participated in Transcranial Brain Stimulation research and co-authored several articles on spontaneous communication and speech production. Dr. Thorne presented at the Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Neurology on the acquisition of speech in a nonverbal adolescent with autism. Prior to working at Johns Hopkins, Dr. Thorne was a certified special education teacher. Dr. Thorne has extensive experience with reduction of maladaptive behaviors in various settings with patients of all ages.

Rachel Kiwaha

Autism Therapeutic Services would not be the most prolific ABA provider to Fort Bragg families without the benevolent force that is Rachel Kiwaha. A veteran of both Desert Storm and Desert Shield, Rachel continues to fight for families with individuals diagnosed with developmental disabilities as she has done for the past 17 years as a parent advocate. Through the Army Community Service Exceptional Family Member Program, she coordinated and ran summer camps and childrens’ activities for 5 years and continues to be an active member in the local community. Rachel knows EFMP like the back of her hand and is happy to share her knowledge with current clients and prospective families. As the ATS’ Parent Support Director, Rachel provides patient advocacy and support with a passion that is both undeniable and infectious.

Amilee Bradshaw

Amilee Bradshaw has been a member of the ATS team since March of 2013. Mrs. Bradshaw is an 8 year veteran of the United States Army where she had served in 2 campaigns for Operation Iraqi Freedom. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology and a Master’s degree in Psychology. Mrs Bradshaw is currently working towards her Doctorate in Business-Organizational Psychology. As the ATS Administrative Support Director, Mrs. Bradshaw overseas daily administrative operations and the ATS administrative team.